Australian Contact for BICOM Bioresonance Therapy - Sales, Training and Support for Practitioners

The BICOM device, manufactured by Regumed GmbH in Germany, uses the bioresonance principle. Bioresonance was originally defined in 1987 by Hans Brugemann as therapy using oscillations (electromagnetic frequency patterns) taken from the body and from substances. It became well-known in 1991 for the success of paediatrician Dr Peter Schumacher in reducing allergic reactions.

Since then, individual practitioners have developed methods to treat a range of conditions which many have shared in presentations at the International Congress for BICOM Practitioners held annually near Frankfurt. BICOM is now the leading device of its type in Germany with over 8000 in that country alone. Worldwide, there are over 13,000 BICOM devices in use, mainly in European countries. In China, over 600 BICOM devices are being used in the public health system almost exclusively in children's hospitals for applications similar to those pioneered by Dr. Schumacher.

About Us

Regumed's distributor for Australia is Biomed Australia Pty Ltd. The company's directors are Andy and Anna Barrie. Andy was educated in Scotland and has a BSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Atomic Physics. He spent most of his 26-year research career applying physics and chemistry to solving problems in environmental and medical research before looking for a career change and retraining in Bioresonance Therapy. One of his notable successes in the medical field was the development of an automated, non-radioactive carbon-13 breath test for detection of active Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria shown to be responsible for stomach ulcers by the 2005 Nobel Prize winners.

Anna is from England and was a university lecturer before training in Chinese medicine, holistic therapies and counselling. She also trained in NLP with Richard Bandler. Both are full members of the Bioresonance Practitioners Association (UK). They moved from the UK to Australia in 1997 and ran a bioresonance clinic and yoga studio in Adelaide for 10 years.