All BICOM Bioresonance devices, and their accessories, are manufactured by Regumed GmbH in Germany to ISO 9001 quality standard. They comply with the European Union directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices and are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods under the ARTG number 138918. Their intended purpose is to provide electromagnetic feedback to the patient with the intention of promoting the healing process. Examples of use are reduction of associated symptoms such as pain, stress and allergic reactions. These are medical devices for use by a trained practitioner and are not consumer products.

All devices sold in Australia come with a comprehensive set of accessories included in the price and manuals and software are in English. Warranty is 24 months parts and labour and there is a factory-trained engineer in NSW. Practitioners purchasing a device receive free start-up support with treatment advice, client referral and listing as a practitioner on this website. Both introductory and advanced training is available in Australia at extra cost.

  1. Coloured ScreenPreloaded programs and program sequences, etc. can all be displayed on the screen arranged either alphabetically or by subject groups
  2. Bandpass/Frequency BandThe Bicom device incorporates a bandpass. This means that only a particular frequency range is ever allowed through for treatment. The frequency band indicates visibly the particular frequency range in which treatment is being applied.
  3. Hand Plate ElectrodeFrequency information can be picked up from the patient\'s hand with this electrode and fed into the Bicom device.
  4. Input CupFor secretions and excretions from the patient's own body and substances producing an adverse effect such as allergens, heavy metals, etc.
  5. Test HoneycombFor filling with stabilising substances for the 2nd input channel.
  6. Modulation MatThe modulation mat is the output electrode in which a pancake coil is located. This modulation mat is laid on the patient's body. Treatment information is fed into the modulation mat via a special electronic circuit and used to create a magnetic field which penetrates deep inside the body.
  7. Output CupTreatment frequency patterns can be stored on carrier substances to extend treatment. To do so, the therapist places Bicom oil (to rub in) or Bicom minerals (to swallow) in the output cup.
  1. Chip Memory DeviceTreatment information can also be saved on a Bicom chip as well as on Bicom minerals and Bicom oil. Following treatment this chip is stuck onto a suitable part of the body.
  2. Magnetic Field Treatment (DMI)Operating controls for amplifying or attenuating dynamic multi-impulse treatment.
  3. Electroacupuncture Test Section and Test InstrumentsWith the aid of test instruments the electroacupuncture test section displays the energetic state of the individual acupuncture meridians in a physically measurable form. It therefore provides the therapist with details of disturbed organ systems.
  4. EAP test reading displayThe EAP meter is illuminated and has coloured fields which clearly mark the standard or test ranges, for example. The test ranges for basic treatments, for example, are therefore indicated accordingly so that it is already clear at the testing stage which basic treatment the patient needs. Substances and medicines which have an adverse effect on the patient can also be tested.
  5. Printer (optional)Test readings can be printed out in small format with the printer.
  6. Multisoft pilot software (available shortly)Multisoft pilot software gives therapists the additional benefit of being able to decide for themselves whether to control their BICOM optima through an external computer rather than operate the device directly. Multisoft pilot software also contains a patient management component and enables EAP test readings to be printed out in a clear format for patients.


BICOM devices are modular and may be configured to suit a customer’s application. All contain a therapy section with the ‘mirror’ circuit and filter for separating harmonious and disharmonious signals, six therapy modes and various frequency bandpass options. Computer programs with preset values based on the findings of experienced practitioners are stored in the device and may be selected by entering a three or four digit number. For testing, an electroacupuncture module can be fitted (far right in the diagram above) and a printer is available for easy recording of measurements.

BICOM Optima

The BICOM Optima is the latest development in Bioresonance therapy. It is more computerized than earlier models with an on-screen therapy manual showing where to place electrodes and optional operation using a laptop computer. It has a second input channel to allow constitutional support treatments to be given at the same time as the primary channel is being used to treat stressors. As well as the standard frequency range 10Hz to 150 KHz of earlier models, it has programs operating in the ‘brain wave’ region of 1 – 25Hz.

Download BICOM Optima brochure

BICOM Optima Mobil

Released in December 2010 and available from January 2011, the Mobil is for therapists on the move. The main users are veterinarians, who may for example need to treat horses in the owner’s stables. However, therapists who work in more than one clinic or who make house calls may also find this a useful alternative or additional device.

Download Optima Mobil

Download Optima Mobil Vet

The Mobil weighs only 7.5kg compared with the standard Optima’s 13kg. It comes with a trolley and a second aluminium case to store the accessories. It has all the features of an Optima B22 model including electroacupuncture testing. However there is no room for the circular EAP dial. Instead the EAP measurement is displayed on a horizontal strip display at the top of the colour LCD screen. Multisoft pilot software can be used to print EAP data. A plus for the Optima Mobil is a built-in memory device for BICOM Chips.

BICOM Multisoft® Software Products

Download BICOM Multisoft Brochure

These products allow operation of a BICOM device using a PC. There are five products, summarised below:


Core software for control of the BICOM and record keeping including tests and treatment for each patient. Enables searching for suitable programs and substance complexes. Shows electrode placements for each program. Saves time as no need to pause program sequences to manually change vials. For example, a non-stop sequence can be run for wheat with program 977 followed by a mould with program 978 and a pesticide with program 979.

CTT Digital

Digital information is used as a substitute for the physical vials (ampoules) used in the Combined Test Technique. An automated testing mode guides you step by step through the Five Element test. As with the physical vials, each test set can be bought individually.

SD1 Substance Digitiser

Hardware and software to enable the user to digitise substances for testing and therapy using the Pilot. Useful for substances such as pollens and moulds found in the practitioner’s locality and substances specific to the patient.


This is an alternative to the CTT system with over 12,000 substances and substance complexes digitised and available for testing and therapy. Saves time by testing substances in groups and stores positive tests in the patient’s file. A customisable questionnaire is included to help with taking a case history and substances can be linked to each question.


This is an addition to the Pilot for practices with several networked BICOM devices. It enables the status of programs running on each device to be viewed from a central computer (similar to a control monitor in a hospital).

BICOM 2000

This is still the most widely used BICOM in the world. It went out of production in 2010 but spare parts will be available until 2022. Standard frequency range 10Hz to 150 KHz and the same modulation mat output with Schumann waves as the Optima. Constitutional treatments have to be given after treating stressors so it takes a little longer than the Optima.

If you would like a second-hand BICOM 2000, please contact us as we may be able to help you. Guide price $15,000.


The BICOM Optima is supplied with a comprehensive set of accessories. However practitioners may need replacements or additional accessories for specialised applications. You will find these in the downloadable accessories catalogue.

Accessories Catalogue

Accessories Catalogue


Because of fluctuating exchange rates and variations in shipping costs it is not possible to publish a fixed price list. Please contact us for a quotation. Price range $30-35,000 with accessories, depending on model.